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Super excited to enter this year's Spring Fling Writing Contest. I hope my entry this year, dances it's way into your hearts! 

I knew I wanted to write a picture book biography on a historical woman who has personally influenced my life in a profound way.

Something inside me told me to go out of my box on this challenge. I researched and relied on the feelings I got from my memories when I was a child.

For many, the uncertainty of the pandemic has increased questions about air travel. New trends and observations are becoming commonplace. 

 I love writing narrative nonfiction stories for children,

it's my favorite genre. I had just finished a new manuscript

a few weeks ago when I saw Susanna Leonard Hill's...

On any given travel day, walking about the airport and boarding the plane,

you might notice something unexpected if you look closely.

So many of the same simple principles apply in creating

a dance as it does in creating a picture book.

Ever wonder what those wide awake slightly zany crew members do to keep themselves awake during those all-nighters? 

I loved teaching dance. Now, I  love setting my designs on paper through the staging of words. Writing for picture books is very similar to making up dances and routines.

I feel there is magic in realness. Children’s imaginations should be ignited by something that could actually be happening...

I never imagined I’d become a flight attendant. I never imagined I’d become a writer...

No snoring aloud.

Delusional lack of sleep at times offers the be uninhibited creativity. While the whole world sleeps, airline crews...

 Spring Fling Entry 2020

Finally out.  Now it’s time to play. Jojo and his brothers love rolling down the big hill.

Especially when the sun is out. Over the hill, they go!

Sheila Schmotzer Children's Picture Book Writer

Sheila Schmotzer
Children's Picture Book Author
Animal Rights Activist

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