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April 23, 2021

2021 PB Party

Writing Contest


Submit the first 60-70 words of a picture book manuscript, along with an engaging and professional query letter.


Record number of author and author-illustrators who joined the PB Party this year. Over 1,000 entries! An AMAZING  vision of writing host Mindy Alyse Weiss


I knew I wanted to write a picture book biography on a historical woman who has personally influenced my life in a profound way. When I say blood, sweat and tears went into the thought process of writing and presenting her life story, trust me it certainly did.



My picture book manuscript “Modern Martha: The Story of Martha Graham” listed as one of the titles worthy of mention on this year’s 2021 PBParty’s list of entries that came close to the finals. 


Martha Graham- Lamentations

Courtesy Library of Congress

Martha Graham...

From her early influences as a little girl to becoming the mother of modern dance, Martha Graham broke the rules of ballet.

                     She created a new form of dance.

                                                      She made waves.

                                                                 She was undeniable.


Modern Martha:

The Story of Martha Graham

by Sheila Schmotzer


Dark brown hair tossed high on her head…

Dancing around the piano as her father played…

Little Martha grew up in Pennsylvania.

Her father, George Graham, was a doctor.

Martha watched him help people, using body motion.

Moving with her family to southern California, the ocean waves, mysterious flowers, and Asian culture motivated her.

Martha Graham was born to be modern.



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