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Furry Flyers


On any given travel day, walking about the airport and boarding the plane, you might notice something unexpected if you look closely.
I’m talking about the passengers who are in special carriers.  Some are even being transported around the terminal in backpacks! There are many who walk around attached to a leash! These are our furry flyers!
Animals are flying more than ever nowadays. Each airline has its own rules on animals and flying.
What animals can fly?
Birds, dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, pit belly pigs, non-poisonous snakes, and tropical fish and even miniature horses can fly!
How do animals fly?
Some airlines let a few of these more unusual pets fly in cargo and baggage areas underneath the plane under with certain restrictions.
Pets that are small enough to fit in a carrier that easily fits under a seat may fly as a “pet in-cabin”.
Certified dogs and cats are the only types of animals that may be classified as “emotional support” animals by the Dept of Transportation”. These canines and feline furry flyers must provide written documentation and proof of qualified support service. They must be on a leash at all times, throughout the airport as well as onboard the aircraft. But, they do not have to be in a carrier and they may sit under the seat in front of them or even sit on the owner's lap.
The VIPs of all the furry flyers is the amazing service guide animals. They are highly trained and certified to assist persons with disabilities to perform tasks they are unable to do. A “guide” service animal is most common among people that are visually impaired or blind. Dogs and mini horses are the only animals at this time who are able to fly as a service guide animals.
Visit this link to check out which furry flyers are packed and ready to go for each airline!



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