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April 1, 2023

Spring Fling
Kid Lit 

Writing Contest


Find a gif and write a story using 150 words or less using the theme of spring.


I first found this magical dandelion gif. I somehow always start with the title. In researching the name of the title I remembered Spanish artist Salvador Dali's surrealistic painting "Dance of the Dandelion." It reminded me of the costumes and years of spring dance recitals that I produced while running a dance studio. It was always a proud moment watching the little dancers overcome stage fright and dance away onstage. Sometimes leaving behind a few tears, sequins, and feathers but take away memories for their lifetime.


After takeoff and service during my longer flights is when I really put in the work. I love revising. I worked on structure, format, word choices, and line flow during the course of my recent trips. 


Contest creators, Ciara O'Neal and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez host this event online prompting kid-lit writers with encouraging support and offering writing resources for critiques and other amazing prizes to help in the writing journey. Good luck to everyone entering.


Dance of the Dandelions

(98 Words)


It’s time—

The spring dance showcase is here. 


Making their debut, 

A troupe of dandelion dancers assembles backstage in bright YELLOW costumes. 


Butterflies tickle their tummies.


“It’s okay,” assures the dandy dancers dressed in WHITE. “We’ll be dancing beside you.”


One by one, the dandelions pop onstage—delighting the audience. 


Spotlights of sun—

Songs of spring fill the air. 

Suddenly, the butterflies disappear.


They releve —they rise

They shimmy —and sway.


Behold the beauty.

Behold the grace.

Altogether, they lyrically move.


Dancing away.


And they pose—

This season’s performance comes to an end.


Final bows,

BLOW away.


Make a wish.

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