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Jumpseat Confessions


Ever wonder what those wide awake slightly zany crew members do to keep themselves awake during those all-nighters? 


Here’s a couple of our secrets. Yeehaw, we brew cups of “cowboy coffee” ( that's a double pack of ground coffee usually made for the pilots). We love juicy conversations of possible airline mergers (those rumors get everyone riled up ). And also on occasion, we can go into the cockpit and breathe from the oxygen masks to clear and refresh our brain.  How cool is that?


For safety, service, and security 

we must remain alert while we watch the cabin drift off into slumber mode.


 Luckily for me, I’ve found that unleashing my creative thoughts really keeps me going and helps me to lose track of time on the longest of legs. It’s on these flights that I have some of my best story ideas,  most brainstorms, and the cleverest of marketing ideas.

I’ll take out my notebook if possible and wildly write with no inhibitions.


Red-eye flights have little if any distractions since most of the passengers are snoozing away. Even better for the creative process going on in my head.


I must confess, I love the “jet” stream of thought that flying through the nighttime skies produces. Now if I can only turn it off once we land and my layover rest begins.....




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