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January 31, 2021

Up, Up and Away...Pandemic Style:

What to Expect When Flying During CoVid

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

For many, the uncertainty of the pandemic has increased questions about air travel. New trends and observations are becoming commonplace. 

Here’s a list of what to expect the next time you go to the airport and board your first flight since the pandemic.



Travelers should be aware and are reminded to follow CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines.



Masks are required once you’re inside the terminal building. No strict policies when walking about or in the gate area. 

If you don’t have a mask a TSA agent will provide you with one.

You can anticipate seeing masks pulled down or off when a significant distance is obtained.


Boarding the aircraft all masks must be properly in place. Friendly reminders from crew announcements are in place to ensure all passengers are covering both the nose and mouth.

The captain will also send out a stronger message in a PA announcement stating that failure to comply with the mask policies will result in banned travel from their airline.

Bandanas, scarfs or masks with open ventilation filters are not allowed.


Airport Food and Beverages 

Not all airport restaurants or fast food spots are fully operating. 

Good news though!

The ones that are open have shorter lines.

And here’s a surprising trend...alcoholic drinks may be purchased to go in many venues and airports. Cheers. But don’t be late to the gate.



Crew and employees have temperature testing as they enter security checkpoints or before they are entering the aircraft.

A few airlines check each passenger’s temperature during boarding at the gate door. 



Aircraft are scheduled to go through daily sanitation and cleaning requirements.


Some airlines will hand out complimentary sanitation wipes or sanitizer however, don’t expect all flights or airlines to provide these. 


So what about the air in the airplane? And all the possibilities of viral transmission in the cabin? Not to worry...

Recycling airflow is a great feature that provides a safe intake of filtered oxygen during the flight. 



Since the pandemic began in the spring of 2020 all beverage, food, and snack services have been put on hold. 

Plan accordingly, by bringing your own water and snacks.



At this time, the majority of flights are no longer holding empty seats. Expect that you will have to sit next to another passenger. Flight attendants may accommodate once boarding is completed in order to help allow for better social distance.



For those of you with furry friends, flying regulations have recently changed.

Effective January 31  emotional support animals are not allowed or considered as service animals. 

You may still fly with your pet as a “pet in-cabin” which must stay in a carrier and fit underneath the seat. Pets in Cabin have fees that vary with each airline.

Service guides are allowed to fly.  Only dogs are recognized as service animals by the recent DOT  decision. 




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