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Finally out.  Now it’s time to play.

Jojo and his brothers love rolling down the big hill.

Especially when the sun is out.

Over the hill, they go!

The furry brothers race each other to the woods ahead.

Jojo wins. He knows a shortcut through the blackberry bushes.

Through the woods, they go!

The crazy foxes try to outsmart the other – around the tree.

One chases the other’s tail and the other chases his tail – but don’t know it.

Around the tree, they go!

Now, JoJo tells his little brothers on the count of three…1, 2, 3.

Jump in the hole.

Down, down, down they go!

Over the hill, through the woods, around the tree – each little kit dreams their favorite dreams of a new spring playtime - deep in the hole.

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